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Welcome to North Care Medical Pharmacy in NEOMO Medical


Sylvain Gratton BSc.,B.Pharm,RPh.

Pharmacy Manager

With over 14 years of experience as a pharmacist, including six years as a dedicated pharmacy manager, I have developed a deep passion for this profession. From my earliest days of assisting patients with managing medication, I recognized the paramount importance of patient care, exceptional customer service, and fostering enduring relationships. These core values permeate every aspect of North Care Pharmacy, creating an environment where individuals feel genuinely cared for from the moment they walk through our doors.

As a local, born and raised in this community, I have a strong connection with the people I serve. I take great pride in my ability to fluently communicate in both French and English, allowing me to effectively connect with and understand the diverse needs of our clientele.

My journey in pharmacy led me to pursue my education at the renowned Laval University in beautiful Quebec City. Immersed in the captivating surroundings, I gained a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical practices and principles, equipping me to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and make a positive impact on the lives of those we encounter. It is my unwavering commitment to personalized care and genuine connections that drives me each day, and I am dedicated to providing above-and-beyond support and guidance to our valued patients.

Lisa Clement

Pharmacy assistant

Lisa is an invaluable asset to our pharmacy team, bringing an extensive 20-year journey in the field of pharmacy and a remarkable wealth of knowledge. Her dedication knows no bounds, and she consistently goes above and beyond for our patients, earning her a special place in our hearts and an irreplaceable role in our team.

I have had the privilege of working alongside Lisa for nearly a decade, and I have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact she has made on our practice and the lives of our patients. Her expertise is unparalleled, and her unwavering commitment to excellence sets the bar high. It is an absolute honor to collaborate with someone who consistently demonstrates such profound care and compassion.

As we look ahead to the future, I am filled with excitement for the many more years to come. With Lisa by our side, I am confident that we will continue to thrive, delivering exceptional care and making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.


Where to find us


As pharmacists, our scope of practice is expanding to better serve our patients and alleviate strain on the healthcare system. We are trusted, accessible, and in a prime position to support our patients' overall health and medication needs. Our expanded roles include vaccinations (flu, COVID, and travel), smoking cessation, medication extensions and adaptations, point-of-care testing, minor ailment prescribing and routine injections (coming soon). Visit North Care Medical Pharmacy to meet our dedicated team and experience the best care possible.



In addition to our comprehensive range of professional services, at North Care, we are proud to be an integral part of a medical clinic where our patients are the focus of their own care. We go beyond meeting their needs by providing a personalized level of customer service and patient care. Our commitment is to help you effectively manage your medication therapy while prioritizing safety and effectiveness. Our patients are our top priority at North Care, and our dedication is evident in everything we do.


Medication reviews (Medschecks)

Are you experiencing side effects from your medication?

Are you confused or overwhelmed by your medication regimen?

Would you like t0 learn how to take your medications more efficiently and in the safest manner?

Do you need an accurate medication list to keep with you at home, when you travel or when you are visiting a specialist or the hospital?

These are just some of the questions one may ask themselves and realize that they would benefit from a medication review with a pharmacist.

MedsChecks, government-sponsored medication reviews, offer a valuable opportunity to meet with your pharmacist and assess the appropriateness, effectiveness, and compliance of your medication regimen. This service addresses complex needs, such as identifying drug-related issues and providing in-depth explanations of medication use and proper administration. It also offers a simple yet essential benefit of delivering a comprehensive medication history to you and your physician.

Compliance (blister) packaging

Having trouble managing all of your medications?  

Is your medication regimen complex?

Do you or a loved one have any health issues that compromises the ability to self-manage medications?

Do you forget to take your medications or fear that you're not taking them properly?

Leave your worries behind as our skilled team handles everything for you. We can expertly organize your medications in convenient, eco-friendly weekly blister packs, ensuring proper dosage and timing. And to make it even more convenient, we offer free delivery of your blister packs on a regular basis. No more concerns about contacting the pharmacy or arranging pickups for your next supply.

Image by Yu Hosoi

Free deliveries in Sudbury (shipping available)

Struggling with pharmacy visits? Want regular delivery of your medications? Seeking peace of mind for your loved one's timely medication supply?


Enjoy complimentary deliveries within Sudbury and select areas in Greater Sudbury. We also provide the convenience of shipping medications nationwide (additional fees may apply). For more information, don't hesitate to consult our North Care team.


Transferring your medications is a hassle-free, seamless process with us. Simply complete the form below or feel free to contact us directly by phone, email or chat.


Upcoming Events

  • Flu vaccine
    Flu vaccine
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury, 885 Prete St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3X9, Canada
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury, 885 Prete St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3X9, Canada
    We are offering this season's flu shots (both the regular dose for ages 5+ and the high-dose for seniors 65+)
  • Medication Review
    Medication Review
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury, 885 Prete St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3X9, Canada
    Book an appointment
    Greater Sudbury, 885 Prete St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3X9, Canada
    Let us help you manage your medications. Contact us to book an appointment with the pharmacist.

***No High-Dose (65+) flu shots remaining***

Other Services

Our pharmacy team is dedicated to supporting your journey to better health. We provide medication education, simplify your drug regimen, facilitate communication with your doctor, offer specialized compounded medications, assist with authorization forms, and are always available to answer your questions. Our role as health-care professionals has grown significantly over the years, and we are here to help. How can we assist you? See below for examples of our wide range of services.


Collaborating with NEOMO medical team

Being located directly in the NEOMO Medical clinic building allows for quick,  collaborations with the physicians, physicians' assistants and nurses. 


Over-The-Counter medication recommendations

If you're looking for a product over-the-counter, the pharmacist can help recommend the best, most safe and effective option for you.

***And one more thing, we now offer specialty compounding prepared off-site at our partnered pharmacy***


Check out our YouTube channel

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to discover useful tips, tricks and techniques to help you safely use and manage your medications.


For Your Information

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Tylenol & Advil back-order in Canada

updated Oct. 13/2022

Senior's Co-Pay information

updated Oct. 13/2022

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Family at a Beach

OHIP+ (coverage for those <25 years of age)

updated Oct. 13/2022


885 Prete St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3X9

Phone:  (705) 419-2283

Fax: (705) 419-2284

OCP registration #306942

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Monday to Thursday:  9am - 8pm
Friday:  9am - 2pm
Saturday & Sunday:  closed

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